About the company

The company "Azhurstal" is the largest Russian manufacturer of professional forging equipment. Our own production allows us to offer universal machines with a variety of equipment, superior to imported analogues, both in quality and functionality. Our equipment is highly appreciated by Russian blacksmiths and foreign specialists who regularly order new models in Chelyabinsk.

Modern production of machines for artistic metal forging is aimed at simplifying the tasks of craftsmen as much as possible.

Back in 2001, the company began its activities with the creation of the blacksmith machine "Openwork", which automated labor-intensive forging processes. today, almost every blacksmith shop has machines manufactured by the company "azhurstal". The reliability, functionality and versatility of the equipment were appreciated by blacksmiths around the world.

Since 2007, the production of construction equipment "Sfera" has been organized. The complex allows you to build frameless prefabricated buildings made of metal: hangars, warehouses, shopping complexes and much more. "Sfera" makes construction fast, simple and economical. The advantages of cooperation with the company "Azhurstal" were appreciated by construction companies in the regions of the Russian Federation and CIS countries

Main activities of the holding:
  • Production and sale of machines
    for artistic forging
  • Production and sale of forged and
    stamped elements and products
  • Production and sale of equipment for
    frameless arch construction "Sfera"
  • Construction of frameless arch structures

The production area of the company "Azhurstal" is about 10 000 sq. m. this allows you to organize the production and assembly of equipment with a high level of quality. The advantages of cooperation with the company "Azhurstal" were appreciated by the leading construction companies of the regions of the Russian Federation, the CIS countries and the Baltic States.

The company employs more than 100 highly qualified specialists, who, without false modesty, can be called masters of their craft. This applies to design engineers, assembly specialists, and sales managers who work carefully and sensitively with each client.


Free training on working with machines

We conduct training on the basis of our company, which allows you to start construction in the shortest possible time. the simplicity of operations will allow your employees to master the equipment in two to three days.

Construction under the supervision of our specialists

At your request, our specialist can come to the construction site to train workers and control the construction process. He will also tell you about the nuances of construction and teach you how to carry out maintenance

Technical support throughout the entire service life

Specialists of the service department will provide qualified assistance in explaining the operation of the equipment, troubleshooting, maintenance, as well as warranty and post-warranty repairs.

High quality equipment

Components are manufactured on CNC machines, which ensures high quality of each part and eliminates possible errors in production. Each machine passes a test cycle before shipment.

We deliver the equipment to any point of the globe

All responsibility for the safety of the equipment, the timeliness of its delivery and the solution of customs clearance issues, the company "Azhurstal" assumes.

We provide a long-term guarantee

Highly qualified staff is ready to carry out adjustment, prevention, assistance in solving any issues that arise in the shortest possible time.

Regular equipment upgrades

"Sfera" has been produced since 2007. all this time, our own design department makes timely improvements and improvements to the design of the equipment, making the equipment more reliable and convenient.

Possibility of leasing purchase

With the help of leasing programs, you can already use the equipment that your competitors will be able to buy only tomorrow.

All equipment is protected by patents and certified

The company "Azhurstal" has a certificate of compliance with ISO 9001, which confirms the high-quality performance of the organization's work at the level of world standards. All equipment is protected by Rospatent patents.

Photos of the production

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